Useful tips. How to book a hotel?


Very often, typing a main destination (eg Roma) results are also listed among the hotels located nearby. For accuracy, the screen with the results of the comparison, under the photograph of each hotel, Comparior tells you the name of the town and follow the address.
To re-sort the results according to the name of the town, click the entry order, "city ".

The database of multilingual portals are not always aligned. Do a search by selecting the first Italian name of the destination (or if you look abroad as a city in local language) and then a second search with the English name - if any. Sometimes you will find hotels in a language they do not appear in the other.

Other times, mainly during EVENTS sports, concerts or special events, that happens all the hotels and guest houses of a city and provide full booking a room may prove very difficult.

  • Searching for all types of room (cell "adult"): in fact it may be that a hotel has rooms available for one person, but he has two or three digits, slightly greater than those of the individual. Or vice versa does not have room for two or three, but have different individual
  • To find a hotel in the resort you want the advice is to take into consideration the city nearby, exploring the possibility of travel by train or bus, or whether to rent a car
  • Because some cancellations and hotel rooms will be the same offer for sale more hotel availability on the doors in the days before the event, and this can happen at any time, keep looking with Comparior regularly (several times per day)


Room types - Employment

There are different types of hotel room that the hotel portals often identified with different names.
Below we have tried to summarize, in brackets the word in English and any acronym. Our search engine is connected in real time with databases, portals, but still recommend that you check the mail within the booking page of the portal selected before completing the purchase.

Double / Twin (Twin or TWN)
It contains two single beds. Recommended for two people.

Double room (Double room or DBL)
Contains one double bed. Recommended for two people.

Single room (Single or SGL)
Contains one single bed. Recommended for one person.

Triple room (Triple room or TPL)
It contains two single beds or one double bed + one extra bed or two double beds. Most of the hotel has no triple rooms with three large beds.

Double or twin room for single use (DUS or Double Single Use, Single Use Twin or TSU)
It contains two single beds or one double bed. Will be occupied by one person.

Quadruple room (Four Bedded Rooms or QPL)
Has two double beds or four single beds. Recommended for four adults.

Double / Twin room + extra bed
Twin room / double with extra bed for a person of 2-18 years.

Cradle or cot (Cot)
Advisable for a child under 2 years.


Room types - Level

Among the types of hotel rooms there are often differences that define the quality and size of the room and then determine a price difference. Following is a list of possible types, confirm that it features within the booking page of the portal.

VIP Room
Royal Suite
Vista (sea, channel, square, etc.)


Cancellation and No Show Policy

There are penalties that are made payable to the customer cancels the reservation (cancellation) as well as time limits, or fails to appear at the hotel (no-show).

Cancellation policies vary Room:

1. from portal to portal
2. from hotel to hotel
3. from period to period

We suggest you always check the conditions applied before finalizing your reservation.

Differences in price and availability

It happens, for some hotels, a portal that exposes the net, not inclusive of any supplements, making it seemingly more convenient than others. For this reason Comparior indicates whether any proposed taxes (column "CAS") and breakfast ("Col") are included, since such information is a guide, check the booking page of the portal, the correctness of the data required and the total price .

ps: in some destinations, like the U.S., taxes are almost never included in the advertised price.

Questioning "live" database portals, one that shows Comparior are available in real time, immediately booked. As prices and availability of rooms change as you get closer to the date chosen (as for air travel), happen that the hotel room that you have found today maybe tomorrow is no longer available or it has a higher rate.
Please note that Only in exceptional cases are reduced prices, that last-minute same day or maximum 1-3 days before arrival, and only if the hotel is empty and needs to "get rid" of the remaining rooms (the rooms are all respects similar to the perishable goods).


Portals present on Comparior provide sophisticated security systems and protection frodi. Non all the portals use the same methods of payment.

  • Some require a prepayment of the sum at time of booking by credit card
  • some portals require a PART PAYMENT IN ADVANCE, and the balance upon arrival.
  • Some portals do not require prepayment, but only the number of credit card as guarantee. You will pay then due upon arrival at the hotel