Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reserve a room?

A room can be booked calling the hotel directly, through a traditional vendor (travel agency) or through an Internet online agencies (OLTA). The same hotel room is then offered by different channels and vendors, each of them autonomously deciding the selling price. Rates can noticeably vary from seller to seller, and in the most of the cases the cheapest rates are found on the travel portals. It therefore proves fundamental to compare the different online agencies in order to get the best deal.

What is Comparior?

Comparior is a meta-search and aggregation engine (it retrieves a result interrogating multiple websites). Comparior compares the rates of thousand hundreds hotels worldwide, sold by the principal Internet online agencies in the market.

Why using Comparior I can save money?

Because Comparior displays the list of hotels in your desired location and date, and for each hotel it compares the rates of the different online agencies. Such a comparison allows you to always get the best available deal.

May I get a better rate if I directly call the hotel or reserve a room through a traditional travel agency?

No, as we said, apart for a very few exceptions. Online travel portals are wholesalers, intermediating large quantities of rooms, and therefore they are allowed the best rates in the market. Try to double-check what we say: perform a search with Comparior and choose an hotel, then call the hotel itself and a travel agent and ask for the rate. You’ll see that reserving through the on-line portal is cheaper.

Why using Comparior I can save time?

Because you can search all the major on-line agencies with just one click, and compare the given rates for the same property. Hence you will not be forced to search them individually before making your choice.

Is Comparior free?

Yes. Completely free of charge, there are no hidden costs nor commissions.


Which are the on-line agencies Comparior compares?

They are the main on-line travel portals, hence the ones with the best availability and offers. These agencies provide hotel rooms worldwide, and each day new properties are added to expand your possibility of choice. You’ll find the list in our home page.

Are there differences if I book a room on-line or through a traditional travel agency or directly?

None. The room is the same.

What happens if I decide to reserve a room? Who manages my booking?

When you select your room in the Comparior page of results (pressing the “book” button), you will be re-direct to the relevant agency website. Here you will able to complete the transaction. Remember that Comparior only helps you to identify the cheapest option, but does not manage reservations and transactions at all.

Can I cancel or modify my reservation?

Yes, but you could be asked for a penalty fee (cancellation policy). It depends from portal to portal and from hotel to hotel. Check the cancellation policies on the online agency page dedicated to the hotel you are interested in.

I lost my voucher, how can I get a copy?

Enter the portal’s website and access the customers area with the id and password the portal provided you with. Here you will find all the info and documents you need.

How shall I pay the room?

The most of the online agencies requires the room to be paid with a credit card right at the end of the booking process. Others allow the user to pay upon his arrival in hotel. All portals features forefront security tools to protect the electronic transactions.

What shall I show to the hotel?

It is mandatory to have the printed voucher and a valid ID document. The voucher can be printed at the end of the booking process. A copy can be found entering the customers area with the id and password provided. The voucher cannot be modified.


Yesterday I run a search with Comparior and found an hotel for 50 euro. Today the very same hotel, in the very same date, sold by the very same online agencies costs 70 euro. Why the rate has changed?

Hotel rates are dynamic and reflects the number of rooms still available in the selected date (the rule is: less availability=higher rate). This is why people use Comparior, a tool working in real-time enabling to always take advantage of the cheapest rate in te market. Tip: the best deals are when the booking is made with good advance (early-booking) or last minute.

I need an invoice. How can I get it?

The printed voucher is a fiscal document ready for all uses.