Affiliate Program

Do you have your own website or blog and you want to integrate the hotels comparison service of Comparior?

Within minutes you will create and customize your search mask by setting color, size, and a few others parameters. It will simply copy the code and insert it into your web page.

You can also choose to set one of these 3 types of search:
- General
- Nation
- City

The search mask is free.

Use the below form to customize your search form and place it on your website!

Your website:
Write the website where you will add the search mask
Type of search:
Select the country
Choose type of search
Target: Choose where display results
Language: Choose the language of the search mask
Width: Choose the width of the search mask
Background color: Choose the background color of the search mask
Border color: Choose the border color of the search mask
Text Color: Choose the color of the text of the search mask
Font: Choose the font of the text of the search mask
Font size: Choose the font size of the text
Portals logo rotator Do you want the logo rotator is visible?